In-Floor Heating Services in the Denver Metro Area

Radiant in-floor heatingIn-Floor Heating — Radiant in-floor heating is a method of heating your home through a heating system installed underneath your flooring. In-floor heating directly heats your floors, instead of the air around it, providing an even amount of warmth over your entire floor space, without the need for blowing and circulating air.

There are three types of radiant floor heating systems that can be applied to just about every situation: hydronic, electric, and air. The most popular types of radiant floor heating are hydronic and electric.

If you’ve ever walked into a room that has radiant in-floor heating, you understand what a luxury it feels like. When the middle of winter hits and all you want to do is curl up with your family in a nice warm space, radiant floor heating is the best solution to warding off the cold.

Radiant in-floor heating is an affordable and high-end finish that can drastically increase the value and saleability of your home. Contact a Pace & Sons Mechanical, Inc. today for more information about in-floor heating. We service a variety of hydronic, electric and air floor heating manufacturers, including: Emerson, Nuheat, WarmlyYours, ThermoSoft, InfraFloor, Calorique, Laticrete, SunTouch, Danfoss, WarmUp and more.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating in the Denver Metro Area

Whether electrical radiant floor heating mats or cables are the proper solution for your in-floor heating needs Pace & Sons' technicians have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly install a system that works beautifully and lasts for many years. Electrical radiant floor heating can typically be installed with your existing electrical system and requires little to no ongoing maintenance.

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating in the Denver Metro Area

This water-based system or radiant floor heating uses plastic piping that’s laid underneath your flooring, which safely circulates hot water throughout a specified area. Once water begins to cool it returns to its heat source where it’s reheated and sent back out to warm your space.

The piping used is leak-resistant, non-toxic, and very durable. This type of radiant floor heating system uses a closed loop which means water is reused over and over again. The various components of the system are pumps, hot water heaters, and other controls. Most radiant floor heating solutions are covered under a 25-year warranty and typically last at least 50 years with regular use.

Install Radiant Floor Heating Today!

Pace & Sons Mechanical, Inc. has been serving the Denver metro area since 1999 with professional HVAC services. We’ll come to your home, evaluate your space, and provide you with affordable options for your new radiant in-floor heating system. We’ll also provide you with a timeline for how long we think it will take in order to properly install and configure your new radiant floor heating.