Evaporative Swamp Cooler Services

Evaporative Swamp Coolers — Evaporative swamp coolers are an excellent alternative to conventional air conditioning systems in areas with dry climates, like Denver, Colorado. While more modern AC systems use a refrigerant to facilitate the cooling of your home, a swamp cooler depends on all-natural evaporation to help lower the temperature of your home. As an added bonus, a swamp cooler can add some much-needed humidity to your home on a hot, dry Colorado day.

At Pace & Sons Mechanical, Inc., our qualified and certified technicians offer a number of swamp cooler services to the residents of Littleton, Co. and the surrounding Denver metro area, including prompt repairs, thorough maintenance inspections, and even replacements if the situation calls for it.

evaporative swamp coolersSigns Your Evaporative Swamp Coolers Need Repair

  • Decreased cooling, indicating possible plumbing, fan, and pad problems
  • Leaking on the roof or down walls of your evaporative swamp coolers
  • Rust in the chassis, indicating a need for replacement parts
  • A swampy odor, indicating mold, mildew, and/or algae growth
  • Mineral buildup in the pads and within the pipes of the cooler
  • Noisy mechanical sounds, indicating loose or broken parts

What type of maintenance is required for swamp coolers?

Evaporative swamp coolers must be maintained often in order to keep your system in good condition throughout the Colorado's summer months. During a maintenance inspection or tune-up, a Pace & Sons Mechanical, Inc. cooling specialist will perform a number of essential tasks to ensure the continued efficiency and optimal functionality of your swamp cooler. Tasks include:

  • Replacing the pads to ensure optimum operation and to prevent mildew and mold from developing
  • Emptying the reservoir to reduce standing water that may attract algae and mold
  • Shutting off the water supply during winter months and draining the pipes to prevent them from freezing
  • Checking the fan motor and connections to be sure that your system is operable condition
  • Lubricating the gears to protect your swamp cooler throughout the year
  • Covering the chassis with an airtight, waterproof case to keep cold air out and to protect the system from damage caused by dirt, ice, wind and snow

When properly maintained evaporative swamp coolers are a relatively inexpensive alternative to conventional air conditioning systems. They are very practical in Colorado's dry climate and can provide a desirable temperature for many homes and commercial buildings.